Complete Legal & Real Estate

Land Due Diligence

The quintessential step in acquiring process
to check on legitimacy of the acquiring Real
Estate and Property.

Contracts Review

Review the Contracts to Buy, Sell, Lease of
Land, Estate, Land and House,Villa, Condo-
minium, Apartment prepared by the Project
or Seller. Revise the Contracts to ensure
Buyers' optimum interest.

Contracts Drafting

Draft the legal Contracts to Buy, Sell, Lease of Real Estate and Property in Leasehold or Freehold
approach for individual clients, with optional Common Area Service Agreement for Project clients.

Investment & Tax Planning Advices

Legal and Tax advices for individual clients' acquiring scheme to maximize the Return on Investment.

Property Transfer or Conveyance

Preparation of necessary documents,
Expenses Estimation, Property Transfer.

Corporate & Business Law

Company Formation

Formation of Thai limited liability company or offshore juristic person.

Accounting & Tax Planning

Legal and Tax advices for individual or corporate clients.

Work Permit & VISA

Advices on work permit and extended VISA.

Other Services